Foto: Sofie Søndervik Sæther

Foto: Sofie Søndervik Sæther

MOVE (Musicians and Organizers Volunteer Exchange) is an exchange program for young musicians and organizers between Norway, Malawi, Mozambique and Brazil. The program is directed towards youth in the age group of eighteen to twenty-five years, and is a cooperation between FK Norway and our sister organizations Music Crossroads MalawiMusic Crossroads Mozambique and Projeto Guri in Brazil. 

Do you want to participate? Upload your application with contact information here (deadline April 1.)

Through music and culture we develop youth leadership, empowerment and international perspectives. This is MOVE’s overarching goal. The MOVE participants get the possibility of working within the culture field in a new environment, while exchanging competence, experiences and ideas. This gives them an increased cultural understanding and deeper insight into international work. The participants are given the opportunity to work on existing local projects within the exchange program, as well as develop their own. The goal is to contribute to the society they operate in, while also getting valuable experiences and skills to bring back home. 

As partakers in the MOVE program, the participants get to contribute in the planning and execution of concerts, festivals, workshops and music tuitions. In addition to that, they can get experience with film, photo, blogging and information work, as well as studio and technical work. Being a MOVE participant means that you are volunteering, but the expenses for travelling, language courses and the overall living costs are covered by the program. If you or someone you know are interested in taking part in the program, we recommend following our Facebook page, where we announce calls for new participants!

To get an insight into the participants' daily lives, be sure to follow the MOVE blog where they regularly write about their experiences during their exchange.

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