Foto: Sebastian Dahl

Foto: Sebastian Dahl

The World Youth Choir (WYC) was formed in 1989. Every year the choir invites young and established singers from the entire world to new countries where they rehearse new artistic material before going on tour. Their repertoire consists both of renowned classics and contemporary music, which they rehearse and perform with some of the world's leading choir conductors. 

In addition to the the more artistic aspects of the project, an important focus for WYC is its participants' personal developments through the project. In this choir, more than eighty singers from entirely different parts of the world meet in a mutual interest for music. Through this genuine meeting, the choir has been rewarded with the title "Artist for Peace" by UNESCO

In 2011, the choir was hosted by JM Norway, and performed during the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony and concert in Oslo. A video of their performance can be seen below. 

To read more about WYC, visit their website.

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